Milica is an incredible and caring person, she is compassionate and understanding. She has shown me that she’s there when I need her but also shown me how to realise my own strengths and that I can be there for myself in ways I didn’t know I could. I couldn’t recommend her enough. I am thankful for her support and guidance over the years.

Reanne Waddell

Milica helped me deal with my husband’s cancer diagnosis and subsequent death. She has helped me to find a new way to live this journey we call life., and I will be forever grateful for her care, concern and insights.

Susan Sayers

Hi highly recommended Milica. I have been going to see her for a while now. I found from day one she was the right counsellor for me and I instantly felt lighter in life. She has the most gorgeous calming room too.

Jodie Ann Martin

Milica has been the light I needed in such a dark and hard time, she helped me find myself again and helped build me up to the person I always wanted to be!

I highly recommend her, and thank her for everything she has done and will continue to do.

Amy Michelle Cairns

Milica has helped me work through some issues iv been carrying for a long time after seeing her I’m a new person and weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Would recommend 10/10.

Brandon Winslade

I cannot recommend Milica highly enough, found her at a dark time and she has helped me see the light again.

Kasie O'Dea

Milica is caring, friendly, & gives a professional confidence service. highly recommend.

Rell Powell

Milica has been a wonderful support to our family and we are thankful to have had her see us through some hard times. From us adults through to our kids, she’s been a wonderful, kind, patient, and knowledgeable anchor. For me personally, Milica helped me deal with some anxiety that I’ve had for a long time. And the strategies I take away from our sessions are very helpful! Highly recommend!!

Shannon McDonald

Millica is a very professional clear minded therapist. She understands and levels with your personal goals, issues and problems in such a way that it feels like she grows with you by leading you to make the right choices to change your mind,life or heart.

She has become a tremendous asset in my personal growth and I knew that even in the darkest days or the most exciting achievements I could lean on her for support or sharing my joys.

I would recommend her to anyone that has been looking to understand where they are in life, what they intended to become or what to resolve to become content with what they have.

Gert Venter

I thank you Tranquility Services, for caring for me.

Lisa Jennings


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