My Approach

I provide holistic, safe, respectful, practical counselling using an integrative approach working with adolescents, adults, to seniors. My practice incorporates individual, couple and family therapy and can also lead group therapy in anxiety and grief support groups (varying according to the client’s needs working with the whole person – mind, body, emotions and spirit). Every client is unique as is every therapeutic relationship.

Tailoring sessions to what is most affective and appropriate for each individual and their interests and concerns; drawing from my skills in mindfulness, mind-body therapy, creative/expressive therapies (art therapy), dreams and imagery in therapy, in addition to my professional training in talk therapy (Counselling and Psychotherapy). I work establishing a collaborative therapeutic relationship with the client(s), exploring their difficulties as well as their values, encouraging mutual respect and a celebration of individuality.

Tranquility Counselling Services 1
Tranquility Counselling Confidential


The sessions are totally confidential and my counselling is to assist all my clients in a non-judgemental supportive practice to create real solutions that are informed by strengths, wisdom, and knowledge. Guiding the client(s) through discussion of their experiences, feelings and their options rather than tell you what to do, or what decisions to make. I am sensitive to the cultural appropriateness and adaptive to meet the needs of a wide range of cultures and community groups.

Client Aim

An exploration of the self may open the door to a whole new world of possibilities. Assisting in clients obtaining meaning from their past, and an ability to live in the present, with hope for the future. To encourage the client to take responsibility for change in their lives and endeavour to cultivate a nurturing, supportive and safe environment where challenges can be approached.

Tranquility Counselling Client Aim
Tranquility Counselling Children and Adolescents

Children and Adolescents

Whether children are in kindergarten, primary or high school, they can experience challenges in their lives through stresses from a developmental/hormonal perspective, school, peers and/or family situations. I work collaboratively with the young person and their support network, if required, in finding the best approach in helping them find greater ease in their life.

Adults and Couples

It can be an incredibly isolating experience facing struggles on your own. Without the support of others, we can lose our way. Engaging in counselling, as an individual or a couple, can offer an opportunity to reconnect more authentically with ourselves and with each other.

Tranquility Counselling Adults and Couples
Tranquility Counselling Families


Counselling helps with understanding family interactions, tensions and struggles between family members (parents and children, siblings, adult children and their parents) each with their own different needs and positions.
Families may feel unsettled or have difficulties with particular transitions in life. These transitions can be very stressful for families: having a baby; children starting kindergarten, primary or high school; or more significant changes such as separation or divorce; single parenting; becoming a step family; a death in the family; social isolation, financial difficulties, among many other situations.


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